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Alternatives to ChaCha

Users who downloaded ChaCha also found useful the following programs in the same category

Scratch 1.4


User rank: 6.9

SPSS 20 (64 Bit)

The leading statistical software. ...the 64bit version of SPSS If ...collating data SPSS offers ...

User rank: 5.7

EndNote 9.0.2

Search and organize bibliographies. ... of researchers, scholarly writers, students ...

User rank: 6.2

My Reward Board

Give your kids motivation to do their best

User rank: 9.0


Make concept maps and share them online

User rank: 5.7


Powerful, reliable and easy to use statistical software

User rank: 5.7

WebEx Player

Watch recordings of WebEx meetings and events in WRF format

User rank: 3.3


World atlas with links to online encyclopedias and dictionaries

User rank: 8.6

TheFreeDictionary Desktop Assistant


User rank: 6.8

Resume Builder

Take the pain out of writing your resume

User rank: 3.0



User rank: 7.0

Listen N Write Free

. ... N Write can ...recordings Listen N Write ...hear Listen N Write ...

User rank: 7.3

Wikipedia for Windows 8


User rank: 6.3

The Bridge Construction Set

Build a bridge that won't break

User rank: 6.0

Earth Alerts 2014 1.2

Forecasts for catastrophists. ...real time' weather monitoring ...natural hazards, weather and ...

User rank: 9.1

Encyclopaedia Britannica for Windows 8

User rank: 10.0

Knowledge NoteBook

Knowledge NoteBook Boosts Your Learning

User rank: 0.0

Global Finance School Learning Center

Learn finance the easy way, with Global Finance School's Learning Center.

User rank: 6.8


Free and collaborative E-learning

User rank: 9.0

LibreCAD 1.0.2


User rank: 5.4


A quick, simple rhyming dictionary

User rank: 4.0

Driver Test

Driving simulator software

User rank: 3.2

Poly Pro

Explore and print Polygons

User rank: 6.1

Screen Protractor

Measure degrees or radians on your screen

User rank: 3.3

Digital Physiognomy

Engaging face-reading software

User rank: 5.5


Make up cards for what you want to memorize

User rank: 7.3

AcronymGenie 4.3


User rank: 10.0

Daily Bible and Prayer

Daily Bible and Prayer features a Bible reading plan, daily...

User rank: 0.0


Memorize all kinds of data in a funnier, more effective way

User rank: 7.4

Blood Pressure Recorder

Keep track of your blood pressure

User rank: 1.0

TypingMaster Pro with Satellite

Typing Skills Training

User rank: 9.0

Microsoft Small Basic

Learn to program with the simplest language

User rank: 7.0

Scholar's Aid 2001

Manage your bibliography. ..., rigorous academic scholarship demands accurate ...

User rank: 10.0

Make Me Smart: The First Steps

An educational game that deserves its name

User rank: 10.0

Phonics and Reading With McGuffey

Computer based training system for teaching beginning literacy

User rank:

Virtual Microscope

Real scientific microscope simulator

User rank: 6.2

Planet Story for Windows 8

User rank:

TextSpeech Pro (Windows)

TextSpeech Pro - Premium Text-to-Speech Program

User rank:


Research software for non tech-savvy biologists

User rank: 9.4


Check Wikipedia without even connecting to the net

User rank: 8.0

Citavi Free

Citavi Free

User rank:


Prepare for the SATs with this useful Windows 8 app

User rank: 10.0

Scrabble Aide 1.0


User rank: 8.2


Didactic exercises for primary and secondary school students

User rank: 6.7

Linguistic Tree Constructor

Build linguistic syntax trees from text

User rank: 8.0


Download Wikipedia to read at your leisure

User rank:

Popular Science for Windows 8

Read science and technology articles from Popular Science

User rank:

Visual Blast

Visual Blast is a Graphical Interface to accelerate protein and nucleotide BLAST analysis.

User rank:


Learn the basics of programming with the help of a robot

User rank: 6.0